Saturday, 28 January 2017

Colour blocked zip jumper

Its finally the weekend!! 

So today I am really excited about this post. The photos actually look half decent, I actually look half decent and the outfit looks half decent!

So you know when you just go online to see what the have to offer and you have to tell yourself you won't be purchasing any of this even though you're slowly adding more items into your basket. Well this is exactly what happened last week.

I have never really brought many things from forever 21 but I saw a instagram post wear someone was wearing a similar styled jumper and after hours (bit dramatic) of research... I couldn't find the jumper. However thanks to the internet, I was able to find a similar styled jumper but with different colours and designs!

I wasn't really sure whether I was going to like it once it arrived as like most of the time the clothes don't always look the same as they do on the website. In this instance it is safe to say that surprisingly  liked it.

It didn't look quite right on its own so I opted for a white turtle neck to wear underneath it, I was slightly concerned that the jumper might look to big on me as sometimes my normal size might not match up to another website, especially one I never really buy from. However I think it have just about pulled this look off!

I then opted for my classic leggings and £2.99 converse from select. Obviously not real ones but a bargain and great cheap alternative.

Prepare to see a few more blog posts over the next few weeks of all my Forever 21 clothes!

Jumper - Forever 21 (link)
Turtle neck - New Look 
Treggings - Miss Selfridges 
Shoes - Select 


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mesh and Flower Prints

If I was a top this would be me. Like literally I have no words. Black. Flowers. Mesh. Say no more.


Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good day. I am clearly already struggling with my uploading schedule and I am shocked that January is nearly over. Apologies for the lack of posts and content on all my social medias, please bare with me. The days seem to be going before I have had a chance to actually do anything! 


Anyways, how cute is this mesh, flower printed top?! I am a bit of a sucker for these through tops  and I have no idea why. Although I normally wear a top underneath, which really defeats the whole 'mesh see through vibe' look I really don't care. I decided to opt for a crop vest top for this one because I finally found it and although sadly one of the adjustable straps has broke I still don't know where I would be without it. It is literally a life saver, and is perfect when styled this way.

Sadly because the crop vest tops strap situation wasn't working out  I ended up having quite a few outtake photos for this post (literally 67) and most of them sadly didn't make the cut because of it. Never the less I will be posting a few on my Instagram. And yes I was freezing my socks of taking these photos too!

I then paired it with some black, faux leather jeans, sadly I didn't get (hardly any) pictures of the jeans but don't worry I can guarantee you they will be featured in probably every single blog post from now on. Again, although you can't see the shoes, if you know me, you know I wore my white converse.

Top - inthestyle (link)
Jeans - Miss Selfridge (link)
Jacket - Zara (alt)
Crop vest top - Topshop (alt)


Sunday, 8 January 2017

'new year, new me'

So its that time of year where everyone starts with the 'new year, new me' statuses and mantras and everyone just rolls their eyes in dismay. However, this year I am actually going to stand by this.

Everyone has ways in which they want to improve themselves, whether is by starting to go to the gym or perhaps being a little more selfish and having some more 'me time'. That is why this year that is exactly what I intend to do. I know looking at me you're thinking you don't need to go to the gym there is nothing of you! and quite frankly if I am being honest I won't be going to the gym (its too expensive) however what I do intend to do is exercise more, I am not really that active, sitting behind a desk for 36 hours a week, the only actual real exercise I get is running for the train! I want to be able to run for the train without having a stitch. That is why I am hoping to go on more walks, Sometimes its just good to clear your mind. I will not be spending so much time on my phone, which I know if my mum is reading this she won't believe me for one minute but that is what I am to do (hey mum *inserts waving hand emoji*).

Another way I want to better myself this year is to spend a little bit more time on my appearnace. If I am being honest with you I do not wear any makeup during the week, I hardly ever do anything fancy with my hair and I normally live in my converse. That is why I will be spending a little bit more time on me. I am currently trying to find a new foundation, I am thinking of NARS however I am not sure what skin tone I would be and where I can even buy it from in the UK? The reason why I stopped wearing makeup was because I noticed that my skin wasn't reacting very well to it, it was becoming dry and very unattractive. Don't get me wrong my skin isn't nautally that bad. Spots come and literately go within a couple of days.

I know budgeting and going for luxury items can be hard sometimes, however I would prefer to spend a little bit more on something if I know its going to be more practical and work 100x better than a cheaper version.

If you have any foundation recommendations for dry skin and good coverage please let me know.

I also want to be more advertuous with my hair, although it is at a length where I can't really do a lot with it I really want to be more creative. Shall I chop it to a messy bob? Shall I continue to grow it so its gets to a more experimental length? I have no idea?

I have also let my style slip a lot as well. I might seem all presentable in my blog photos, but in real life I am a complete slob... couch potato! I have so many jumpers and tops that are so unflattering that I literally live in. I know everyone has oversized tees and clothers but the amount I have is purpely ridiculous. I need to enhance my figure more as I think its important and essential for everyone to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear and be proud to show off their assets! Even if it takes you 2 hours to get ready as long as you feel and look good that doesn't matter.

If you have made it this far congratulations!

My final goal for this year is to focus on my blog a lot more. Yes I know I think I have said this every single year, but I want to make my blog posts more personal. I sort of lost touch with my blog posts, I am having some serious trouble with my writing technique at the moment. I stopped proof reading my posts because I have been cringing so hard at what I have wrote.

I know that balancing a job and a blog is hard work which is why even if I don't post on here as regularly as I would like. I will ensure that the posts I do upload are not crappy!!

Have you got any topics you would like me to disucss? Let me know.
What do you think of this outfit?

Top - River Island (not available online)
Treggings (old) - Miss Selfridge

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