Sunday, 4 June 2017


Hello everyone, I hope you are well and have enjoyed this fabulous British weather (no sarcasm) we have been very blessed with the weather these past couple of weeks! I thought it was about time I made my blogging comeback... after not really feeling it for a few months I am finally ready and motivated to start getting back into the swing of things..

I know, a change of location, I am trying to mix things up a little bit so I hope you enjoy! 

I was scrolling though my Instagram the other day and one of my favourite bloggers posted a picture wearing this top and I was literally like that is the coolest thing ever I want it! At first I added a load of things into my basket but then I stopped myself and closed the browser down, but then after a few hours of umming and ahhing I went back and decided to buy it.

I must gave been so keen that I actually ended up buying two! (whoops!)

I am extremely guilty of living in t-shirts and I sort of convinced myself that although it was a t-shirt it was still different from others that I own.

I then paired it with these gorgeous jeans which are sadly getting a bit tight for me but for the time being I can still fit into them and I intend of fitting into them until I can no longer!

The newest edition to my shoes department are these gorgeous slip on mules. I have seen them everywhere recently and although they're a shoe I would never normally go for, I am in love with them because they are so different and snug.  I usually go for trainers or boots where my feet are tightly confided and won't fall off but you know we all have to make exceptions dont we? I am looking forward to wearing them in the winter.

What did you think of this outfit?

Top - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - EGO

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