Saturday, 17 June 2017

I went outside

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Today I decided to sit down and just type what is on my mind and give you a little update.


I am trying to get back into blogging although I might still not upload as frequently as I can I hope that eventually I will be able to. I might also start a new motivational posts series including how to stay motivated to blog, within your lifestyle and in general. Blogging as always been something I have enjoyed (even before I had my own) and it has helped me so much with my confidence. I intend to improve on every aspect of my blog in order to provide better content for both myself and my readers.


So as you can tell a slight change in the photos, I don't know what happened really I have just downloaded Adobe Lightroom and edited all these pictures quite randomly but I ended up also loosing the original photos so please bare with me. I really want to start focusing more on this blog, my passion for fashion and also my photography skills. If anyone knows any good photography books or courses please do let me know as I really want to be able to put more time and energy into making my blog the best it can be.


There have been a lot of changes happening with me recently in my personal life. For a while now it has literally been a mess and I have often felt like I haven't really been in control of it. Therefore I plan on making a few changes, the first (and only very recent) change is that I have started to eat more healthier and actually exercise. Something which I never bothered about before and its true what they say I am feeling better about myself, although I am still struggling with the temptations of food and snacking. I guess over time all of this will improve. I am doing this thing where I just walk for like an hour or two and just see where I end up. Its quite exciting. Did I just say that?!


One of my major ongoing concerns is my shopping addition! Like most people and bloggers it is such a bad habit of mine. I just constantly seem to be buying an with no reason to either. I am also in the process of having a clear out of all my clothes and shamefully I have come across some that haven't even been worn that much or even to my embarrassment some still have the tags on them!! *Sorry mum*

A bit of self promo here... if you are petite like myself and want some well kept clothes that might have never been worn then please feel free to follow my depop


I apologise this post was a bit all over the place.  I would really like to improve on my writing skills, so if you also know any other bloggers, authors, websites, posts that provide tips or have a good writing style then please let me know.

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