Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bloggers you need to follow

                                             *Disclaimer: none of these photos are mine*

Since I practically live on instagram I thought why not share some of my faves with you guys!

Alicia Roddy

I actually only started following Alicia at the start of this year after her photo popped up on my 'discovery page' and OMG I love her. Her style is literally incredible. I would love to be able to pull off half the clothes that she wears. I mean if she ever wants to be my personal stylist, she knows where I am.

Chloe Plumstead

I have loved seeing how Chloe's blog, style and content has developed since she first started blogging. I mean her style is to die for anyway and her writing skills are so relevant, relatable and engaging. I would 100% recommend you check her blog and instagrams both out. You will not be disappointed. I hope she continues to post great content. How can she be both stunning and stylish? Not fair! - Joking I love her. Oh and she posts regularly!! Also, her instagram feed is amazeballs. How does she edit her photos?

Lydia Rose

I followed Lydia before I even had mine as she was one my inspirations that made me start blogging. This girl has incredible style and I would love to meet her one day!! Her confidence is amazing and if you want affordable fashion I would definitely recommend you check her out.  I may or may not own a fan account for her on instagram? shh....

Lauren Hallworth

Much like Alicia I found Lauren through instagram and I love her style. Sadly not sure if I could ever pull it off myself but if I could swap wardrobes with anyone it would be her. She is simply gorgeous and I hope she continues to post uber cool outfit inspo. How does a girl look good in everything? Its not fair - no but really check her out she's amazing.

Viktoria Hutter

This girls style is so cool and is probably the closest to mine (and thats saying something).  She has once again incredible style and I literally can't get over it! Again she is stunning and manages to balance her looks to be more smart and also casual, whilst still looking effortless. How does she manage to do this?

I have a long list of bloggers that have influenced me so prepare for another post containing some more of my faves very soon.



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