Wednesday, 19 July 2017

21 things at 21- part 1

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well. So if you follow me on my twitter you will know that yesterday I hit the huge milestone of turing 21. I know it might be hard to believe.
Anyways, it got me thinking, I remember when a family member turned 50 and they created  a '50 at 50 list' (not sure whether they invented it but either way I thought it was a super cool idea, so I decided to give it a go.

I realised that this post might go on until next year, so I have decided to split it into two parts.

Here is part 1 to '21 things at 21'

  1. Say yes to more things - I seemed to have fallen into a bit of a bubble where I was scared of saying 'yes' to things such as going out to places with people I hadn't really met before/trying new things. What I mean by this is that recently my friend also turned 21 and I was invited to a weekend away and I didn't really know any of her friends that well. But I am extremely glad I did it, even if I was awkward as hell! I want to push my boundaries and do things out of my comfort zone this year and I hope you will join me.
  2. Walk daily - If you know me you are probably thinking... this is never going to happen and although I might not be able to walk daily (although I will try) I really want to start exercising more and just walking ad seeing where I end up. I  am one of those people who is a bit of an introvert, however it is important to be more adventurous and just walk where my feet take me.
  3. Be more positive - Something which I perhaps haven't been as much of recently. Positive mind = positive life.
  4. SAVE More! - Like most people I have  problem with shopping. I mean it cold be worse I could be addicted to other things however this isn't good for my bank balance. Therefore I am putting a spending ban on myself (except for birthdays, christmas etc) in a bid to save more money.
  5. Learn something new every month - Even if I don't carry it on to the next month or isn't something life changing I want to learn a new skill. So hopefully by this time next year I will have 12 new things to talk about.
  6. Cut down on the snacks - I know I'm 'petite enough' but I seriously need to stop on the snacking, and although I have already started I still feel like I am slipping back into old habits. 
  7. Improve my diet - Linking into point 6, I would also like to improve on my diet. I know I don't really need to I just want to start eating healthier for myself.
  8. Stop buying junk! - Linking into point 4, I have a habit of just spending money on pointless things that I could 100% live without. I mean the amount of things I have brought that just sit in my room collecting dust! I could open my own shop!
  9. Spend more time with family - Family is so important to me and as we all now live in different places it is very hard to ensure I am spending equal amounts of time with everyone and although I already see my family all the time, its never  for long enough I am either to tired from the journey home that I just go straight to be or ill be at home and they won't be.
  10. Explore different aspects of blogging - I would consider my blog to be based mostly around 'fashion' however I want to start blogging more about lifestyle and things that are just on my mind. I want to make my blog more positive and helpful for my readers to enjoy. Please recommend content that you would like to see more of.
  11. Give my blog some TLC - I have started to call my blog the 'flop blog' because I don't seem to be doing anything with it anymore. Yes I know in June I think I blogged about 2 or 3 times but I would really like to have a better routine for blogging. It is so hard balancing a full time job with a blog so any suggestions on how to balance them both would be great. I have said this in millions of other posts, so some motivation to ensure that I stick to it this time would be appreciated.
  12. Go to a blog meet up - In the 2 or 3 years that I have been blogging I have never once been to a blogging event/meet up. I have been invited but have always made excuses not go to. I would really like to become more involved in the blogging world (Note to self: Point 1)
  13. Learn more about photoshop/photography - I have never really gone to classes or had a lesson in photography or using photoshop and as a person who loves the beauty behind photography I would love to learn more.
What do you want to try/do this year?


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bloggers you need to follow

                                             *Disclaimer: none of these photos are mine*

Since I practically live on instagram I thought why not share some of my faves with you guys!

Alicia Roddy

I actually only started following Alicia at the start of this year after her photo popped up on my 'discovery page' and OMG I love her. Her style is literally incredible. I would love to be able to pull off half the clothes that she wears. I mean if she ever wants to be my personal stylist, she knows where I am.

Chloe Plumstead

I have loved seeing how Chloe's blog, style and content has developed since she first started blogging. I mean her style is to die for anyway and her writing skills are so relevant, relatable and engaging. I would 100% recommend you check her blog and instagrams both out. You will not be disappointed. I hope she continues to post great content. How can she be both stunning and stylish? Not fair! - Joking I love her. Oh and she posts regularly!! Also, her instagram feed is amazeballs. How does she edit her photos?

Lydia Rose

I followed Lydia before I even had mine as she was one my inspirations that made me start blogging. This girl has incredible style and I would love to meet her one day!! Her confidence is amazing and if you want affordable fashion I would definitely recommend you check her out.  I may or may not own a fan account for her on instagram? shh....

Lauren Hallworth

Much like Alicia I found Lauren through instagram and I love her style. Sadly not sure if I could ever pull it off myself but if I could swap wardrobes with anyone it would be her. She is simply gorgeous and I hope she continues to post uber cool outfit inspo. How does a girl look good in everything? Its not fair - no but really check her out she's amazing.

Viktoria Hutter

This girls style is so cool and is probably the closest to mine (and thats saying something).  She has once again incredible style and I literally can't get over it! Again she is stunning and manages to balance her looks to be more smart and also casual, whilst still looking effortless. How does she manage to do this?

I have a long list of bloggers that have influenced me so prepare for another post containing some more of my faves very soon.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

I went outside

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Today I decided to sit down and just type what is on my mind and give you a little update.


I am trying to get back into blogging although I might still not upload as frequently as I can I hope that eventually I will be able to. I might also start a new motivational posts series including how to stay motivated to blog, within your lifestyle and in general. Blogging as always been something I have enjoyed (even before I had my own) and it has helped me so much with my confidence. I intend to improve on every aspect of my blog in order to provide better content for both myself and my readers.


So as you can tell a slight change in the photos, I don't know what happened really I have just downloaded Adobe Lightroom and edited all these pictures quite randomly but I ended up also loosing the original photos so please bare with me. I really want to start focusing more on this blog, my passion for fashion and also my photography skills. If anyone knows any good photography books or courses please do let me know as I really want to be able to put more time and energy into making my blog the best it can be.


There have been a lot of changes happening with me recently in my personal life. For a while now it has literally been a mess and I have often felt like I haven't really been in control of it. Therefore I plan on making a few changes, the first (and only very recent) change is that I have started to eat more healthier and actually exercise. Something which I never bothered about before and its true what they say I am feeling better about myself, although I am still struggling with the temptations of food and snacking. I guess over time all of this will improve. I am doing this thing where I just walk for like an hour or two and just see where I end up. Its quite exciting. Did I just say that?!


One of my major ongoing concerns is my shopping addition! Like most people and bloggers it is such a bad habit of mine. I just constantly seem to be buying an with no reason to either. I am also in the process of having a clear out of all my clothes and shamefully I have come across some that haven't even been worn that much or even to my embarrassment some still have the tags on them!! *Sorry mum*

A bit of self promo here... if you are petite like myself and want some well kept clothes that might have never been worn then please feel free to follow my depop


I apologise this post was a bit all over the place.  I would really like to improve on my writing skills, so if you also know any other bloggers, authors, websites, posts that provide tips or have a good writing style then please let me know.

Top - Forever 21


Friday, 9 June 2017

New York

Not the best pictures  - I know but when your'e being watched whilst you're trying to take the photos you do start to feel a bit uncomfortable. Am I right or is it just me?

Anyways that aside.. here is todays post featuring another of my new additions from Miss Pap.

As previously mentioned I love t-shirts so officer I had to buy this, its literally my top! I should probably get some clothes that aren't this style but you know when its just comfy? The thing that I love about this top as that it is cropped but it isn't overly if that makes any sense? The material is also really light and although their is often the danger of white tops being see through this top isn't (fortunately)

I then paired it with my jeans and my ever so faithful converse.

Whats your style must have?

Top - Miss Pap
Converse - Office


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Frills and Floral

Bet you didn't expect to see another blog post again so soon! Well here it is...

So after the wonderful weather we had and after finally receiving my package from MissPap I was able to blog in the is gorgeous playsuit, however I tried to change it up a bit and style it a bit differently.

I take a lot of my inspiration from Instagram and love finding new instabloggers/fashion bloggers to follow. I remember seeing a playsuit paired with a t-shirt underneath and therefore I decided to give it a go.

I was smoke that the playsuit fitted perfectly, and I also loved the fact that it came with adjustable straps since I need to have the straps as small as they practically can get! This isn't also a colour I would usually go for but I actually quite like it. Red is a tricky colour to pull off so I hope I have semi been able to achieve it?

Also, this is the first time I have ever shopped at Miss Pap and so far I am impressed!

I then paired it with a white top, which you can get anywhere really. As in England we an go through about 4 weather changes in a  day it is quite useful to ensure you are covered for all weather conditions,  Don't worry I made sure I brought a jumper as well.

I finished off the look with these sandals that I got from New Look a few years ago. Apologies they might not sell them anymore but and white sandals would go well with this outfit.

Do you like my twist on the look?

Top - H&M
Playsuit - Miss Pap
Shoes - New Look (old)

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Hello everyone, I hope you are well and have enjoyed this fabulous British weather (no sarcasm) we have been very blessed with the weather these past couple of weeks! I thought it was about time I made my blogging comeback... after not really feeling it for a few months I am finally ready and motivated to start getting back into the swing of things..

I know, a change of location, I am trying to mix things up a little bit so I hope you enjoy! 

I was scrolling though my Instagram the other day and one of my favourite bloggers posted a picture wearing this top and I was literally like that is the coolest thing ever I want it! At first I added a load of things into my basket but then I stopped myself and closed the browser down, but then after a few hours of umming and ahhing I went back and decided to buy it.

I must gave been so keen that I actually ended up buying two! (whoops!)

I am extremely guilty of living in t-shirts and I sort of convinced myself that although it was a t-shirt it was still different from others that I own.

I then paired it with these gorgeous jeans which are sadly getting a bit tight for me but for the time being I can still fit into them and I intend of fitting into them until I can no longer!

The newest edition to my shoes department are these gorgeous slip on mules. I have seen them everywhere recently and although they're a shoe I would never normally go for, I am in love with them because they are so different and snug.  I usually go for trainers or boots where my feet are tightly confided and won't fall off but you know we all have to make exceptions dont we? I am looking forward to wearing them in the winter.

What did you think of this outfit?

Top - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - EGO


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Comfiest jeans ever

 I was feeling inspired today by the lovely weather and decided to do a post, hopefully I can get back into a routine soon and I will be able to produce a lot more content.

So England has actually been blessed with some sunny weather quite recently although it has also involved intervals of clouds and gloom it has still been pleasant and just like everyone the beautiful weather automatically puts me in a better mood.

Today I am wearing some fairly new-ish pieces which I can't get enough of! I am very much a jeans and trainers kind of girl so this look is deffo perfect for me.

I actually wasn't going to keep these jeans I have sadly been putting on weight and am now struggling to fit into my jeans... there are all getting a bit tighter! Obviously looking at me I am still very tiny but now that I'm stuck between two sizes, either my current size is to tight on me or the next size up might not fit me as nicely! I hope that makes sense? which is why I did intend on sending these back but because I was so busy I didn't send them back in time and after I tried them on again I am so happy that I didn't... looks like fate. These are now my new favourite pairs of jeans after my other ones came to a tragic end.

I then paired the jeans with this really cool jumper from Miss Guided! I took inspiration from the model and wore it with a bralette underneath. This jumper is super comfy and I love the style of it. I would totally recommend buying it if I'm being honest with you. Miss Guided has become my new additction.

And finally my new Nike trainers, which I can't believe I went so long with out them!! So comfy and light. I just can't deal.

Jumper - Miss Guided (link)
Bralette - Miss Guided (link)
Jeans - ASOS (link)
Trainers - ASOS (link)

 What are your thoughts on the outfit?

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