Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Finding little gems

I used to be obsessed with these jeans but after looking at these photos, the zipper part isn't making me feel too comfortable in them. Don't get me wrong they fit perfectly and I love the rolled up look however I am not fond of the bunched up look of the zipper it sort of sticks out a little which doesn't look too flattering! That being said I did manage to find this other little gem in my wardrobe! I love jumpers and this one is so cute, although my one criticism would be that I would like it to be a little longer I will now most definitely be wearing it more often.

Jumper - Zara
Jeans - ASOS
Converse - Office


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Girls Bite Back

So unfortunately not many blog photos for this post, I am currently drafting up a blog post all about motivation and balancing a full time job and blogging as its something that I am currently having to deal with and believe me I am really lacking in inspiration at the moment.

Anyways all that negativity aside I thought I would blog about this little umber I brought a few months ago, and yes these photos were also taken a few months ago as well a the time of me starting up my blogging again (I took a little break) I was really struggling and suffered from some writers block however again I seem to be going off the focus of this post again!! Basically at the time these photos were taken I ended p not feeling at all satisfied with the quality.

I have been sort of living in this jumper and although I vowed to never wear burgundy again since that was the colour of my school uniform here I am wearing it on a regular basis. I love jumpers and jeans, as thats what I will primarily blog in and crew necks are just my favourites.

The inside of this jumper is fleecy and really snug and I have also recently fallen in love with Pull&Bear (which is where the jumper is from)


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