Saturday, 19 November 2016

Silk & Suede

I can't believe its been a week since my last blog post, I promise I will try to upload more during the week!

So today I opted for a casual outfit yet again, I am in love with wearing just a t-shirt and jeans and then a jacket and converse. my style is quite boring and nothing to exciting but never the less here is what I wore today...

My go to items of clothing are my black jeans and converse so I thought I would roll up the bottoms of the jeans just so that it looked a tiny bit different. I then paired the jeans with this adorable silky blue top from ASOS. I have had this for quite a while now but I love how unique it looks. The front is obviously as you can tell silky but the back its just plain t-shirt material. It is so light to wear and just is ever so comfy. Instead of me wearing the same leather jacket I always seem to be wearing I decided to opt for a different jacket which is suede material Again I have had it for quite a while but it is another one of my favourite pieces.

I am currently trying to not spend money on any new clothes, so I will be recycling a lot of outfits on my blog.

Top - ASOS (link)
Jeans - Miss Selfridges (link)
Jacket - Miss Guided (link)
Converse - Office



Sunday, 13 November 2016

Zipped top and marble boots

I don't know about you but I am sucker for these zipped tops at the moment, so when I saw this little beauty it was no question I obviously had to buy it. I am trying to be a good girl and not by any new clothes so we will see how that goes, I therefore decided to recycle previous clothes I had already blogged in.

I love the whole idea of this outfit I feel very rock chick! The leather jacket has made many appearances on my blog and out and about so I was go into too much detail on how much I love the jacket. The jeans have also made a couple of appearances and I love the thrilled hems. Although I know these styles of jeans are for boots I have probably worn my converse with them more than boots.

I love these boots, they aren't just a plain simple boot and I really love the marble heels.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?

Top - Bershka (link)
Jeans  - ASOS (link)
Jacket - Zara (alt)
Boots - Topshop (link)


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pastel heels

 So I thought I would change up my style today as I normal just wear converse and other trainers, heels aren't really my thing however I thought I would add them in to this post.

I'm annoyed at the quality of these photos although that aside I do really love this outfit!! I have worn this top in an older blog post (again not sure whether that has since been deleted) although since then I have tried a little DIY and cut the top to make it into a crop. Before it was quite long (especially on me) but since the writing has also faded quite a lot I wasn't too bothered.

I then wore these frayed cut out bottom jeans, which are unfortunately a bit tight around the waist although its too late to take them back now. I guess I don't want to accept the fact that I might have gone up a clothing size.

And lastly onto the shoes... I love these shoes I mean come on they look  amazing sadly as someone who doesn't usually wear heels I did struggle to walk in them which I know with practise it will get easier. They would be perfect for the summer and make me look rather tall!

Top - Miss Guided (link)
Jeans - Miss Guided (link)
Shoes - ASOS (link)


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Glitter playsuit and faux fur

 If you know me then you know I'm not really one for dressing up and although I always say I will the likelihood of me actually going all out is very unlikely. That aside its my sisters birthday celebrations so I was looking online for something to wear and I found this little beauty!!

It fits just perfectly, although one thing I have noticed is that the straps are very delicate so you have to be very careful when putting it on. I'm not sure whether I should have perhaps gone up a size as it just about fits but I guess as long as I'm careful then it shouldn't be a problem. I am an actual sucker for anything glittery and of course when I saw this playsuit I just couldn't resist. I love the detailing and the criss cross at the front of the playsuit. I then opted to wear my fluffy coat which I absolutely love which is super practical for the cold weather.

Again, I never wear heels although being rather petite I struggle to stand in them let alone walk in them. However, these shoes are perfect they are comfy and don't eve feel that high so I can even walk down the stairs in them. However I am not sure whether thigh high boots might be more appropriate.

Playsuit - Miss Selfridges (link)
Shoes - Topshop (alt link)
Coat - New Look (alt link)


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Denim jacket and long sleeved tops

 Hi everyone, I'm back with another post! Today I was clearing out my wardrobe and came across this  denim jacket. I have already featured this in a previous post but I'm not sure whether it was one of the many posts that got deleted a few months ago.

I am hoping to stick to an uploading schedule of two - three times a week so hopefully I will stick to my word *fingers crossed*

With all that aside lets talk about the outfit....

I love the treggings and they have been featured on my blog a number of times, although they are starting to look a little worn I will very much continue to wear them for as long as possible. I love how fitting they are, and not sure whether you can see it but at the bottom they are rolled up (which is part of the design) and I also love rolling up with jeans. Like literally every pair end up rolled up at the bottom. They have an elasticated waist which is also perfect as they are super comfy. And if I remember correctly they were not bad priced so well done Miss Selfridges.

Moving onto the top.. its obviously getting colder in the UK like literally I forgot how bad the weather was! And although I have a huge amount of tops and t-shirts. I never seem to have any long sleeved ones. I love the fact that the neck line is detailed and the rest of the top is just plain white and although the fabric reminds me of a tea towel, it is super soft and perfect for chilling in.

The jacket is a favourite of mine and although I haven't provably ever worn it out the house before its safe to say I will defiantly be from now on. I love the lime green elements to the sleeve detailing and also the lining on the insides. I remember in primary school I desperately wanted a denim jacket but was never allowed one, I think I saw it in an episode of Tracy Beaker and really wanted to be able to customise one. Which brings me onto my next point.. I love the badges/words that have been printed onto the jacket (see my last photo)

So basically, overall I love this outfit it is super chill and although maybe the denim jacket won't be ideal for the cold weather we currently have it will be perfect for other days where its less cold.

Treggings - Miss Selfridges (alt link)
Top - Urban Outfitters (link)
Denim Jacket - Urban Outfitters (alt link)

 What item of clothing have you recently fallen back in love with?

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