Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hemmed Jeans

 So for todays look I opted for a more casual style. I am in love with these jeans and I have been particularly loving the frilled bottoms... They kind of look like mom jeans however I'm not sure whether that is the general style of them or whether its just how they look on me. Sadly although it might not be easy to tell they are a little bit they just about stay up at the moment but hopefully I will grow into them. Saying that, I still love them and will continue to wear them. Although I haven't worn a belt with these yet, maybe that will be a good idea.

Moving onto the top, lets just pause for a second and take in how beautiful it is. I love these crosse over tops at the moment. The good thing about this top is that you can unclip the cross over bits, this just makes it easier for you to put on and remove the top. Sadly, I brought this in the wrong size so at the moment the V neck is a bit gappy (not sure whether that makes sense) but basically I think it would have fitted nice around the bust area in a smaller size. Overall, for the price I am more than happy with the top and it is now one of my favourites.

I then styled this outfit with of course! A bomber jacket, I haven't really worn this often as I brought it  just before the weather started to actually be hot! So hopefully I will be able to start wearing it more once the weather gets colder.

And of course I finished off the look with my converse, because you can't go wrong with a pair of converse. Plus they are my go to shoes!!

Top - Miss Guided here
Jeans - ASOS here
Bomber Jacket - H&M alt here
Converse - Office here

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Striped shorts

Hello everyone, I am now finally back with another post!

Although these photos aren't as exciting as I want them to be I have missed blogging so much and just desperately wanted to get something up.


The weather has been so good this summer in England and since I had the day off last week I thought why not make use of this gorgeous weather and take some blog photos.

I have gone for a casual look for this post with my actual favourite pair of shorts at the moment, they are new this year and I normally just go for normal denim shorts but this year I am trying to add more colour to my wardrobe and when I saw these in H&M I just had to get them. Although I love them very much one thing that bothers me about these shorts is that the white stripes are not exactly white they seem to look a bit like dirty white (that probably makes no sense).  They are a perfect fit... literally everywhere. Being petite I have constantly had a problem with buying bottoms, they're either too big around the waist or to wide around the legs, however these fit very well around the waist and also the bum!

I paired these shorts with my white turtle neck which I also love so much, although when I originally brought it online I didnt think it would have stripes you can't always notice the stripes in photos and as since I have already got another plain one. The turtle neck is from New Look and is such good quality. I think New Look have really uped the quality.

And then I wore my standard converse. You can't go wrong with them.

Shorts  - H&M (not available online) alternative 
Top - New Look (bargain) here
Converse - Office here

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