Sunday, 11 December 2016

Girls Bite Back

So unfortunately not many blog photos for this post, I am currently drafting up a blog post all about motivation and balancing a full time job and blogging as its something that I am currently having to deal with and believe me I am really lacking in inspiration at the moment.

Anyways all that negativity aside I thought I would blog about this little umber I brought a few months ago, and yes these photos were also taken a few months ago as well a the time of me starting up my blogging again (I took a little break) I was really struggling and suffered from some writers block however again I seem to be going off the focus of this post again!! Basically at the time these photos were taken I ended p not feeling at all satisfied with the quality.

I have been sort of living in this jumper and although I vowed to never wear burgundy again since that was the colour of my school uniform here I am wearing it on a regular basis. I love jumpers and jeans, as thats what I will primarily blog in and crew necks are just my favourites.

The inside of this jumper is fleecy and really snug and I have also recently fallen in love with Pull&Bear (which is where the jumper is from)


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