Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pastel heels

 So I thought I would change up my style today as I normal just wear converse and other trainers, heels aren't really my thing however I thought I would add them in to this post.

I'm annoyed at the quality of these photos although that aside I do really love this outfit!! I have worn this top in an older blog post (again not sure whether that has since been deleted) although since then I have tried a little DIY and cut the top to make it into a crop. Before it was quite long (especially on me) but since the writing has also faded quite a lot I wasn't too bothered.

I then wore these frayed cut out bottom jeans, which are unfortunately a bit tight around the waist although its too late to take them back now. I guess I don't want to accept the fact that I might have gone up a clothing size.

And lastly onto the shoes... I love these shoes I mean come on they look  amazing sadly as someone who doesn't usually wear heels I did struggle to walk in them which I know with practise it will get easier. They would be perfect for the summer and make me look rather tall!

Top - Miss Guided (link)
Jeans - Miss Guided (link)
Shoes - ASOS (link)

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