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Reflecting and goals for 2016

This post would have been up sooner but I’m currently experiencing some problems with my internet.

I thought since its he start of the new year i would look back and reflect on my blogging experience so far and also note down a few goals for 2016.

Firstly, its crazy how fast these two year have gone by… my 2nd blogiversary was on the 5th December and who would have thought in those two years i would have gotten to achieve and experience some amazing  things and opportunities. (not me thats for sure)

I originally started this blog because i was (and still kind of am) going though some personal problems and i’ve always loved fashion and blogging so i finally decided to give it a go, i always thought i wouldn’t still at it to be honest with you. 


I am incredibly thankful for the fact that I’ve been given the opportunities to work with some amazing and various beauty and fashion brands in these two years. Which don’t get me wrong is fantastic, however the main reason for this blog was for me to document my style development through the years (which i feel has come a long way) Lets taks some trips down memory lane... Here is the first outfit post i ever posted….

POST: Clueless inspired outfit LINK

And then i upgraded to a snazzier camera (obviously didn't have a clue how to work it)


Then i braved it and decided to start taking my blog photos outside which believe me is one of my biggest achievements on this blog as going from having no confidence to awkwardly standing in front of a camera and trying to look natural or even pose is very hard to do…

POST: Little White Dress LINK

To this…. finally plucking up the courage to go out the front of house (how cringe) and take the photos, obviously having the camera on a self timer is hard as i never know whether the picture will come out correctly, but in my eyes I’ve improved just a tad…

POST: White jeans and knee high boots LINK 

Style development

I can honestly see a huge difference in my style, as a 19 year old I’m still learning about what i like and don’t like, i mean i use my blog as a way of gathering feedback from people to get a second opinion from someone other than my family and friends… which i am thankful for!! I also like finding little hidden treasured shops that are perfect for my petite frame that i never even knew existed and sharing them on my blog. This might sound sad but i sometimes scroll through right back to my first ever posts to see just how much ive changed both within my writing style and my fashion sense.

Goals for 2016

  • Firstly, i would love to perhaps do a photography course to help me get better at photography of course! But also to go to different paces to take my photos as well that would just be wicked!
  • I’d love to get more involved in the bogging community, sadly i haven’t made any blogger friends or met any other bloggers so it would really awesome to meet some new people!
  • Get more involved in my youtube channel! I mean lets be honest I’m as awkward as a turtle in my videos, so id love to stick at youtube more... so maybe one video a week or two videos a month?
  • Try and save money, i mean as a strong lover of shopping i know i say this every year but id love to stop spending whilst also continuing to post outfits, i know i do alot of recycling of my clothes anyway but i have noticed that sometimes i buy clothes just for the sake of it. Which needs to stop.
  • Say yes to more things  (within reason of course) i tend to miss out on opportunities because I’m afraid of what others might think (which i know is personal to me) but a lady at work has told me that she regrets not taking opportunities hat came her way and has told me that shed hate for it to be the same for me.. so basically be more confident and less procrastinating.
  • STICK TO AN UPLOADING SCHEDULE - i want to post more frequently so i need to stop procrastinating as well and get more motivated.
So thats it i think, i know a boring post but id love to look at this post this time next year and see whether i managed to achieve any of these goals.

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Do you have any goals for 2016 or in general?
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