Saturday, 9 May 2015

Beauty Hacks #1


I tried to be artsy with the picture, but it was a bit of a fail... anyhow, this is my 100th blog post! and since I haven't had time to take any outfit posts, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite beauty hacks.

1. Now I'm sure most of us are guilty of this buying an incredible amount of different mascaras all the time, however if like me you are trying to start cutting down on expenses one way you can save money on replacing dried up mascara is to revive your old mascara with salty water. By adding a few drops of salt water helps to wet the dried up mascara again and give it a new life.

2. Another one for me is that my hair has gone through stages of being extremely damaged and especially as I  blow dry my hair even with heat protecting sprays it can still get damaged and dry. One way to avoid this is to dry your hair with a t-shirt. By drying your hair with a t-shirt means that your hair wont get bruised and it is much more absorbent.

3. Ever get spots? Inflammations, redness or puss? I mean using spot sticks and concealer can help reduce the redness and hid spots but also another tip is to use full fat yoghurts to treat them. The yoghurt helps to reduce redness, inflammations and puss because of the fat in the yoghurts.

4. I also suffer from dry lips quite often since I am constantly applying lip balm, however if I don't because of me constantly using the lip balms,  it means that in order for my lips to stay nourished I need to keep on applying it every day. One way to keep your lips moisturised is by using a damp teabag to healing dry and crack lips.

5. My lips are pathetic literally have no plump or pout to them what so ever, but instead of getting fillers to plump them up you can quite easily mix one of your lipglosses with some peppermint oil.

6. I am also guilty of wearing my foundation on my clothes and on the carpet more than my face sometimes, one way of removing foundation stains is spray some shaving cream or foam onto the stain to remove it.

Have you tired any of these?

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