Sunday, 5 April 2015

Adidas Lite Racer Shoes review

Adidas Lite Racer Shoes - Adidas*
So today I am going to be reviewing these Adidas Trainers.  I honestly cant explain how comfy they are, I normally have to wear all my shoes and trainers with socks but with these I don't need to. They are so light on my feet that sometimes I forget that i'm actually wearing them. I would defiantly recommend them to you if you're looking for some running shoes as nobody wants to feel uncomfortable whilst your exercising and these are by far the comfiest shoes I now own. They also to me anyway feel like they let my feet breathe, its hard to explain what I mean by this but basically my feet don't feel stuck in the trainers like they do in others that I have owned.

However, its not just about the shoes themselves. I think another great value is the colour and style of the shoes. I love the brightness if the purple, especially since its not luminous but it still stands out. I haven't got another pair of purple shoes and probably wouldn't off as they could be hard to match with things. I also love the look of the shoes, obviously they have to be appealing and I think they are. I love the black strips that have been added on.

What are your favourite pair of shoes?
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