Tuesday, 22 July 2014

flower crown

Top - Topshop // Skirt - Topshop // Sandals- Newlook // Flower headband - Newlook

Hey there lovelies! I would firstly like to apologise for the lack of blog posts I’ve been super busy doing overtime at work and I have also been struggling to think of what to blog about.

I am determined to spend more time on my blog especially my outfit blog posts and I know the camera quality hasn’t been the best quality, but with my new toy (camera) and a mum who thinks she’s a professional photographer I have now ventured out of my bedroom (which according to the rents I spend too much time in) and will now be going to different places in my local area. I took baby steps today and went out into my back garden. Since the weather was nice it was a good opportunity. I am still learning how to pose naturally and feel comfortable sorry in advance for some awkward footwork and for the annoying string coming out of the side of my top in some of the pictures.

Putting this introductory aside let’s discuss the outfit…

Last week was my 18th and also payday!! So for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a couple of clothing items.

Of course Topshop was defiantly on the list, I wasn’t originally going to buy this black chiffon bardot bandeau top but after heading upstairs and finding this cute white midi skirt and discussing with my mum what it could go with I found myself back downstairs and purchasing these twp items!

I love the floaty materials of both the skirt and the top. The skirt is nice and light and blows nicely in the breeze and I thought the top looked kinda festivally? I really like this look as it is very summery and cool in the breeze.

After being unsuccessful for finding sandals in Newlook I went home and onto the Newlook website where I found these cute black double strap sandals from the teens section!! YAY bargain! These sandals are super comfy and snazzy which you could either dress down or up.

I then completed the look with a Newlook flower headpiece, a Pandora charm bracelet and Pandora earrings that I got for my birthday.

I had so much fun having this mini photo shoot and will definitely be having more blog posts similar to this one.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?                       

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