Friday, 31 January 2014

Whats in my makeup bag?

I'm one of those people who doesn't wear lots of makeup on a daily basis. However if i'm going out somewhere I do like to make more of an effort.

I use all of these but normally I only use one liquid foundation and sometimes  use the creme puff as well...
MaXFactor lasting performance (Natural Beige 106)
MaXFactor colour adapt (Natural 70)
MaXFactor Creme Puff Pressed Powder

I like to try out a variety of eyeliners until I find one that I love..
(left to right)
Rimmel London Glam'eyes liquid eyeliner (Black)
Rimmel London eyebrow pencil (Dark Brown)
Benefit browzing kit ...very rarely use it (Dark)
Rimmel London scandal eyes micro precision  eyeliner (Black)--> my current favourite
Rimmel London scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner (Black)

Rimmel London Rebel Chic (consists of 6 eye shadows, 1 powder blusher and 4 lip glosses)
I mainly only use the eyeshadows

I got these as a little christmas present from my sister and they are amazing..
(left to right)
MUA eyeshadow (Shade 12)
MUA eyeshadow (Shade 30)
MUA eyeshadow (Shade 22)

Another image of the Benefit browzings kit (Dark)

Rimmel London lasting finish soft colour blush (020 Pink Rose)

Hardly ever wear the red lipstick as i'm at school most days...
(left to right)
Rimmel London Kate Moss collection lipstick (01 Rossetto)
No7 (40 Sheer temptation)

Rimmel London wake me up concealer (030 Classic Beige)

I love mascara!!
(top to bottom)
Rimmel London lash accelorator (003 extreme Black)
Maybelline New York XXL Pro Intense Black micro fibre mascara (intense Black)
Rimmel London lash accelerator (001 Black) 
Rimmel London scandal eyes rockin' curves (001 Black)

Judging by my makeup bag I seem to have a strong bond towards Rimmel London.

What makeup brand do you love?

Any recommendations on new beauty products?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shopping instead of coursework?

First stop...Boots 

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves from Boots (£6.99): Now whenever I am looking for another mascara I like to try out a new one each time, this is always a big disaster as I never know what one to go for. I decided to opt for this mascara because it was on a special offer for £4.99 instead of its original price. I like this brush as it created curves with its curvy wand, although it does get clumpy which could put me off purchasing it again.
I'd give it a 7/10 for price and the curvy brush

I wanted to show you what it looks like on, and this is the best picture I could produce with great detail...

My slightly creepy eyes
Second stop... Topshop

Socks with a frilly top from Topshop (3 for £8 or £3.50 each): I have literally been eyeing these up for ages but I never actually considered buying them, never the less yesterday I eventually did and I do not regret it. It was such a hard decision choosing between all of the different styles and patterns, however in the end I decided to opt for the plain ones because I thought i'd be able to wear them with more things.
I'd give these an 8/10 because they are so snug and cute!!

Final destination... Staples

Headphones from Staples (£5 each): I go through headphones like there is no tomorrow so when I went to Staples to fall in love with all the stationary they own I remembered once again I need some new headphones and I originally picked up a pair for £11.99 and my mum noticed these headphones for £5 each so I thought why not? They are surprisingly comfy, although with my track record they may not last long. Good job I brought two pairs, right?
I'd give them a 7/10 for price and practicality 

Have you brought anything recently?

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